WestPac Petroleum, Inc.



West-Pac Petroleum provides superior petroleum products. Petroleum and fuel products are created using current techniques, formulas and propriatery technology to benefit the end user and comply with high environmental standards. The West-Pac products bring advantageous pricing and higher quality than other products available on the market.


Kent Rogers - Deceased 12/16/2014
Chairman of the Board of Directors
   President and CEO

Hans D. Linhardt
Senior Technical Advisor
S. David Padgett
Vice-President of Refined Products
Kayode Bakare
   General Director of Bisbiak Enterprises (Lagos, Nigeria)


KENT ROGERS, age 68, is Chairman, President and CEO of West-Pac Petroleum Corporation and is a
majority shareholder. Mr. Rogers has been involved in the oil business for many years and has earned his title as Chairman and President to Corporations in the business of oil extraction, refining and sales of products. He has a practical knowledge of the operation and management of the Company based upon his many years of experience.

Hans D. Linhardt, Senior Technical Advisor has over fifty five years of global energy business, technology and project experience with Oil&Gas, Power and Infrastructure. He worked for leading companies such as Siemens-Voith, FlowServe-Pleuger, Hamilton-Sundstrand, Ford-Aerospace, Linde-BOC-Airco and LTDI, Inc., he founded in 1979 in Newport Beach, CA. His technical expertise is founded on a solid education from elite universities such as MTU Munich, RWTU Aachen and CALTECH with MS, Dr.-Ing. and ME-ME degrees. He is a registered professional engineer in the State of California and life member of ASME, CALTECH Alumni, CALTECH Asociates and the RNC. He is a past President of a Rotarian club in Newport Beach and has received fifteen US patents. He has also given presentations to Congress on energy issues.

S. DAVID PADGETT, is currently President and CEO of Davison Fuels Inc., SDP Energy Consultants, LLC., and a passive member in other energy related companies. Mr. Padgett has over 20 years experience in the Petroleum Industry in Sales and Distribution. During his tenure he has managed Sales and Distribution for Distillates, Gasoline�s (banded and unbranded), Jet A, Kerosene, Fuel Oil�s (#4, #5, and #6 oil products), Waste Oil Collection, and Branded and Unbranded Lubricants.

Kayode Bakare, the Chairman/Managing Director of BISBIAK Enterprises Limited and Managing Director of SB Bakare & Bros. Ltd. He has a B.Sc Economics (BUCKS) , with extensive Accounting & Financial Management experience.

S.B Bakare Group enjoys an unparalleled status in the Maritime Industry. S B BAKARE & BROS Ltd a pioneer in the maritime and stevedoring Industry of Nigeria since the late 1940s. S B BAKARE is a well-respected business name in Nigeria.

Mr SK(Kayode) Bakare’s involvement in the cargo handling business began with S B BAKARE & BROS.in 1985 and with the demise of Chief S B Bakare, its founder, chairman/managing director in 1989,Mr SK Bakare took over the helm of leadership of the company.

Mr. Bakare was a former President of National Association of Stevedoring Companies (NASC) in Nigeria. During his tenure his wealth of experience In logistics, particularly in the Maritime industry proved valuable as he provided the necessary impetus that facilitated the smooth change over of Stevedores at the Nigerian Ports in December 2002 and again in 2006 at the concession of Ports in Nigeria in-order to enhance the implementation of the Federal Government of Nigeria’s Ports Reforms Programme.

In the recent past, Mr Kayode Bakare has served on the Nigerian Ports Authority (N.P.A.), at the Ministerial Technical Committees on the Nigerian Port and the implementation of payment by tonnage, ports Security and various other Committees.


The company began operations in the late 1960's when Kent Rogers became a majority shareholder of S&G Energy, Buffalo, New York. S&G was in the business of syndicating gas wells in the medina formation stretching from Buffalo, New York to Ohio.

Two years following Mr. Rogers purchase S&G received an offer to sell the production package to a major oil and gas company. The sale would resolve an ongoing liability of S&G with the Continental Bank of Illinois. The sale was made for cash and stock.

Mr. Rogers then invested in Miracle Oil in Bakersfield CA. Miracle had wells and a refinery that made Diesel fuel and asphalt. The refined Diesel fuel was sold primarily to truck stops.

Mr. Rogers worked with Miracle Oil for four years primarily trying to get the heavy oil out of the ground. He used 1. Steam injection, 2. Hydro Fracking, 3.
Chemical injecting and, 4. Fire Flooding (this was a big mistake). The Miracle wells were located between properties owned by Bellridge Oil on the one side and Getty Oil on the other in Bakersfield, CA. A major oil company bought out the Bellridge and Getty Oil properties and discovered that Miracle was due royalties from Bellridge and Getty because the Miracle claims were on the apex of the pool and Bellridge and Getty had been taking oil from the Miracle property. The same major oil company bought out Miracle as well and solved the problems between Bellridge and Getty and Miracle.

About 1974 Mr. Rogers formed West Pac Oil and Minerals Inc and brought it out as a publicly traded company. Mr. Rogers ran the company until about 1983. West Pac Oil and Minerals Inc had producing wells near Ada, Oklahoma, Chanute, Kansas (shallow stripper wells) and performed wildcatting in Colorado, Oklahoma and Texas. In addition West Pac Oil and Minerals Inc drilled and completed 63 wells in the Austin Chalk oilfields in Texas. These were horizontal (directional) wells. This formation is widely known as a very dangerous area to be drilling due to the fact that there are numerous high pressure zones along with substantial oil reserves. The drilling plan required specialized equipment and an understanding of the dangers created by blow outs. In addition, the plan contained procedures to follow in the event of a blow out. West Pac's drilling engineers were instrumental in developing horizontal drilling that was used in the Chalk Oilfields that gave a better than average rate of completion.

West-Pac had offers from various companies to sell off its leases. The offers were greater than the value of the company so the company was taken private. Kent Rogers sold his interest in the company and moved away from the oil business for several years and was semi retired.

Prior to 2004 Mr. Rogers decided to come back in to the Oil business, but from a refinery point of view. West-Pac Petroleum Inc. was formed and purchased a refinery in Vicksburg, Miss. He completed the purchase in 2005 and along came Hurricane Katrina and destroyed most of the tank farm and left the refinery in shambles. West-Pac has plans to rebuild the refinery and resume operations there. When operating the Vicksburg refinery was producing 60,000 bbls per day.

During the time of the operation of West Pac Oil and Mineral, Inc., the company had a trading operation that sold diesel and jet fuel and in addition the company would use its production to trade for finished petroleum products. The trading arm of the company had a list of customers and West-Pac Petroleum is re-establishing the buying relationship with these customers.

West-Pac is using many of the former West Pac Oil and Mineral employees for operations for the sales of West-Pac Petroleum products.